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un mondo tra tradizione, sogno e passione

ITALKIDS is the fruit of more than ten-years of experience of the firm, Erretieffe, which specializes in the production of formal and baptism dresses for children.

Our brands have always endeavoured to offer understated and precise answers to the exigencies of elegance of babies and toddlers.
ITALKIDS produces and distributes its own clothes line according to an exclusive concept of creativity.

We are Italian entrepreneurs who, like a family, express a specific knowledge of the product applied to their own collections, in addition to ethics based on purity, transparency and respect for children.

How are we special?
Italkids is firstly a team of professionals that work together to be the best.
Here you can experience a charge of dynamism, enthusiasm, but also of creativity and sensitivity, We were created in 1996 with the desire to specialise in the production of ceremony clothing for children.
In these years we become an important company in Italy in a Luxury segment for children's clothing.
Italkids is led by a competent management and it has a solid structure for the distribution of the brands all over the world.

Our thirty years of experience has in fact opened up the foreign market to Australia, Canada, Russia, UAE, United States, Europe...
Our company at present has their 2 brands "Bimbalo" and "Gattimatti" in the best Boutiques.

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mamemikids by ITALKIDS srl

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